Things you need to know!

Things to know
It's most likely that two of the reasons you chose Emerald Pointe are (1) because of its great appearance and (2) its reasonable fees.  Strict property regulations and park rules are required to keep our great appearance, and an awesome volunteer crew keeps our fees down.  Below are  a sampling of rules you need to know.  For a complete list of park "rules and regs" be sure to read them here.
Waste Disposal - There are two garbage bins & one recycling bin that are clearly marked. Please sort your garbage accordingly. The dumpster area is camera monitored and someone will contact you if you are caught disregarding rules. 
  • No large items are to be set outside the trash bins.  
  • Recycle bin - No garbage, plastic bags or glass. Cardboard must be broken down. 
  • Please throw your garbage to the back of the bins. 
  • No TVs, electronics or large items allowed in bins.
  • Do NOT leave garbage on ground if bins are full. The garbage drivers will not pick it up and therefore it will be left for someone else to clean up. Please be respectful.
  • Garbage is picked up Monday, Wednesday & Friday during our busy season. 
  • Please refrain from putting tree trimmings, yard waste, etc. in the bins on weekends - as they do not pick up on weekends.
Water Usage – only well water may be used for watering plants, washing vehicles, pressure washing, etc.   City water MUST NOT be used for these activities.  Well water connections are marked in red and city connections are blue.  Can't find the red spigot? Contact Gerald Aikens for assistance.
Clotheslines  - are limited to “umbrella type” and must be removed and stored when not in use.  As a courtesy, please consider not displaying laundry on Open House days when many guests are visiting the park.
Antennas and Satellite Dishes – BOD approval must be acquired before installation.
Pets – only service animals are allowed in or around the club house or recreational areas.  Pet droppings are to be picked up immediately and deposited in the dumpsters, not the preserves.
Property Modifications - written approval must be obtained prior to making ANY changes to your property (lot, building, landscaping, etc.).  Modification requests must be given to the Lot Improvement Committee for review and recommendation to the BOD for approval (at their sole discretion).  Failure to do so will result in cumulative fines. Lot Improvement Request Forms are available in the Office, the Library and here, on this website.  Completed forms should be turned in to the Office.