Zone change on Chancey

Many rumors abound on what zoning changes on Chancey Road might bring to our area.  Below are some "summary" notes from several meetings that have been held with the planning committee.  These notes are courtesy of Jim Clark who has attended these meetings.
Two requests for zoning changes have been submitted to the planning commission for zone changes in our immediate area. 
  1. A rezoning request for the 10 acre parcel directly across from Emerald Pointe, where the Agape Baptist church currently exists.  A change has been requested for this parcel from OP (Office Professional) to C3 (General Commercial).  The request currently indicates that if the zone change is approved, the property will be used for storage facilities.  However, if this zone change is approved, the parcel could be used for anything that meets the C3 criteria. 
  2. A request is also being made for a zoning change for approximately 120 acres on the corner of Chancey and Hwy 39 to allow for a development consisting of 760 residential units! View this petition here.
Several Emerald Pointe residents recently attended a private meeting with the city planning director.  Read the summary from that meeting here.