The members of the Emerald Pointe RV Resort Board of Directors are elected to staggered 3 year terms by the owners at the Annual Meeting of the EPPOA in March of each year.  Each Board Member must be a property owner at Emerald Pointe.  
Immediately following the Annual Meeting, the Board meets to elect a President and Vice-President and also appoints two additional Officers - the Secretary/Office Manager and the Treasurer.  These four individuals serve in their Officer capacities for a period of one year.
In addition to the Board members' shared responsibility for the overall management of the affairs of the Resort, each Director has oversight responsibility for a number of committees or groups of volunteers within their assigned areas that will provide input, make recommendations and otherwise assist the Board.
Ron Erwin President
We currently live in Crossville, TN.  Our team loyalty, however, is still with Alabama, having lived there for 38 years.  Carol and I have been married for almost 55 years and have 2 sons, 2 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.
I was in the food business all my life, having worked for several large companies as a Regional Sales Manager.  In 2004, I started my own food brokerage company and then retired in 2009.
We bought in Emerald Pointe in 2005 and started spending our winters here in 2010.  I've been on the Lot Inspection and Compliance Committees for several years, as well as working with the Tuesday Work Crew.
This is one of the most beautiful resorts in Florida, and it is because of all the volunteers and the rules we have in place.  What a wonderful place to live! I'm honored to serve as a Director of this great resort.
Responsibilities: Secretary/Office Management, Treasurer, Finance, Contracts, Website, Facebook, Park Promotions & External Publicity, EPROC & Government liaison, Hearings, Candidate Search, Summer Responsibility
Tyna Conley, Vice President
My husband Dana and I bought a property in Emerald Pointe in the summer of 2014.  We spent our first winter here in 2015.  We originally went back and forth from our home base in Russell, Kentucky for those first few years. In the summer of 2018, we sold our KY home and EP became our full time home.
I have spent most of my life working with the public.  I worked in the food industry for 12 years and spent the last 3 years as a Banquet Manager for a Ramada Inn.  I spent 10 years in sales and managed staff in 3 retail stores.  For the last 25 years of my working career, I was a Real Estate Agent.  I took several classes at a KY Community College and became a Real Estate Broker.  I had my own office for 10 years in KY and Ohio.  I was a Director and President of our Ashland area Board of Realtors for 2 years.
I ran for the Board of EP hoping that maybe my years of working with the public and owning my own business (which gave me lots of experience at setting goals and managing budgets) would enable me to make a valuable contribution to the Resort. My goal is to work hard to keep Emerald Pointe one of the premier RV Resorts in Florida.  
Hope to see you at the Clubhouse!
Responsibilities:  Social Activities, Sound System, Hospitality (Welcome, Sunshine, Calendar)
Library, Laundry
Gerald Aikens - Director
I started my own business in 2008, G&S Aikens Auto.  I retired in 2010 at the age of 49 from Michelin North America, where I worked for 32 years.  My wife Susan and I wanted to winter somewhere warmer than Nova Scotia, Canada.  We came to Emerald Pointe in 2014.  We have 3 children and 7 grandchildren together.
I have been involved in many organizations and volunteer committees.  I was President of our Home & School, Deputy Chief of a Fire Department and have 24 years experience as a Level 1 Firefighter and EMT.  I've taught First Aid and CPR courses for 22 years.
I enjoy staying busy and immediately got involved with the work crew at Emerald Pointe.  After two years wintering here, I was asked to run for the EPPOA Board. I was elected in 2016. 
 I am very proud to serve as a Board Member and to be a resident of this great Resort.
Responsibilities:  Buildings & Grounds, Work Crews, Celebration of Life Garden, Fitness Room
Randy Dobson - Director
I Graduated High School in 1977 from Sun Prairie, WI.  I retired from Sara Lee after 33 years of service.  I worked 7 days  a week for my last 17 years. I dealt and worked with Store Managers on daily basis.  Also logged over 1 million miles with company vehicle accident free making sales deals and working with customers on daily basis makes it easy to talk to and work with people to understand their wants and needs.  
My main priorities are to keep our Park Clean and Enjoyable for Owners and Renters alike.  I firmly believe in Rules.  I will always have an ear to Listen to Any Concerns or Suggestions.  My agenda is for the good of the park.  I feel that we need to Maintain our Park and our Assets. I would also look at Spending the Park's Money as if the money was my own, keep it in check, build a Reserve so we can Avoid Any Special Assessments, and keep our POA Fees down.  We all need to work together for The Best Interest of Our Park.  My agenda is for the Owners in our Park, Not just for Myself.  A Clean and Well Maintained Park is the Best interest for us All.
Responsibilities: Rules and Governing Documents, Lot Inspection, Compliance
Murray Dawson - Director
Murray is a previous BoD member with a great track record.  He has graciously agreed to fill in for Ted Karas, who resigned for medical issues, until the next election.  We are honored to have Murray back on the board. 
Murray has been a resident of Emerald Pointe for over 20 years.  He recently served a 3 year term where he was in charge of the pool and lot improvement committee.  Some of his projects were installing a path to the dog park, creating the parking lot for the golf carts and working on lights for night swimming.
Murray does his best to enforce the rules and regulations of the park and always has Emeralds Pointe's best interests at heart. He is determined to keep this park looking great!  
Cassandra Eaton, Secretary/Office Manager 
Rich Frascone, Treasurer