Tips and tricks ("Pointe"ers) to get the most out of your EP website. Be sure to check this page often as it will be added to frequently

Don't miss important notices from the park!

In your profile, there is a question asking if you are in the park now.  Be sure to check "Yes" or "No" as SOME notices and announcements are sent only to those that have "Yes" checked in their profile.  
You don't want to be asking your friends/neighbors/office "Gee, why didn't I know about that?" because you forgot to check "Yes" to "In the park now?"
To view/update your EP website profile, just login and click "Your Profile" in the green Home Page banner, next to your name.


Put a Quick Access Icon on your Phone or Tablet

How to add an Emerald Pointe icon to your Android Phone
Launch Chrome and go to EmeraldPointeRVResort.org
Tap the Chrome Menu Button (three stacked dots or lines) in the far upper right corner of the screen, and tap “Add to Home screen”.
You’ll be able to name the shortcut “Emerald Pointe” and then Chrome will add it to your home screen.
The icon will appear on your home screen like any other app shortcut, so you can drag it around and place it wherever you like.
How to add an Emerald Pointe icon to your iPhone
Launch Safari and go to EmeraldPointeRVResort.org.
Tap the Action button at the bottom of the screen. (the image of a page with an arrow pointing up) 
Tap the “Add to Home Screen” button  (you may have to scroll through the buttons or scroll down in to find it)
Rename the new button “Emerald Pointe” and tap “Add”

Confirm the new Emerald Pointe icon is installed on the home screen.  The icon will respond like any other app shortcut, so you can drag it around and place it wherever you like.

Keepin' Up with "EP Website Updates"

Click the "Recent Website Updates" menu box to see all the new posts and content.  You can even view Sales and Rentals changes (price, features, etc.) and get a "sneak peek" of brand new listings BEFORE they appear on the printed sheets! The menu boxes appear under the "Welcome" text on a mobile device and next to the "Welcome" text on a laptop.
Clicking the "New on the Message Board" menu box will display posts that others have made in the past week.  Remember, posts made on the message board are sent automatically ONLY to those that have subscribed to various topics.  Read more . . .
Click the "Upcoming Events" menu box to see what's happening at the park beyond the current calendar time frame.  Great for longer term planning.