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Welcome to Emerald Pointe RV Resort
The information provided below is a brief overview of some things you need to know about the park.  More complete information can be found by clicking the underlined links in the sections below.
How to Create an Easy Access Icon to the Emerald Pointe website.
From the USPS
When the mail is being delivered, please do NOT go into the mailbox area. Also, if you receive junk mail, do Not put it in the outgoing mail slot, throw it away. If you receive mail from a previous owner or previous renter of your lot, please write “Return to Sender” on the envelope and place it in the outgoing mail slot.
"Morning Coffee" Meetings: Renters and Owners . . . please join us at the clubhouse every Monday morning (Oct 15-April 15) for coffee, doughnuts and some good ole fashioned "visiting" with your neighbors.  It's more than coffee, it's where you'll hear important announcements and learn what's happening in the park each week. ALL residents (renters and owners) encouraged to attend.  Off season meetings are usually moved to Saturdays, same time and place.  
8:00  Coffee: Bring your favorite mug and enjoy fresh brewed coffee.  A variety of doughnuts (including sugar free) are also available. 
8:30  Meeting: Our awesome MC will start your week off with a smile and you might even be the big winner in the weekly 50/50 drawing! ($2 for 5 tickets)
Rules and Regulations: It's most likely that two of the reasons you chose Emerald Pointe are (1) because of its great appearance and (2) its reasonable fees.  Strict property regulations and park rules are required to keep our great appearance, and an awesome volunteer crew keeps our fees down.  Below are  a sampling of rules you need to know.  For a complete list of park "rules and regs" be sure to read them here.
  • Water Usage – only well water may be used for watering plants, washing vehicles, pressure washing, etc. City water MUST NOT be used for these activities.  Well water connections are marked in red and city connections are blue. Can't find the red spigot? Contact Kevin Barlow for assistance.
  • Clotheslines  - are limited to “umbrella type” and must be removed and stored when not in use.  As a courtesy, please consider not displaying laundry on Open House days when many guests are visiting the park.
  • Antennas and Satellite Dishes – BOD approval must be acquired before installation, forms available in the library or office.
  • Pets – only service animals are allowed in or around the club house or recreational areas. Pet droppings are to be picked up immediately and deposited in the dumpsters, not the preserves. Do NOT allow you dog to use other residential lots as their bathroom.  There is a dog park available for your fur-babies' enjoyment. Click Here for additional pet information.
  • Property Modifications - written approval must be obtained prior to making ANY changes to your property (lot, building, landscaping, etc.). Modification requests must be given to the Lot Improvement Committee for review and recommendation to the BOD for approval (at their sole discretion).  Failure to do so will result in cumulative fines. Lot Improvement Request Forms are available in the Office, the Library and here, on this website.  Completed forms should be turned in to the Office.
  • Lot Maintenance - each owner is responsible for their own lot maintenance (except for mowing).  This includes vegetation control, general appearance and palm tree trimming as needed.  Lot inspections are done throughout the year and violators must bring their property into compliance or be fined. 
The Message Board: The Message Board is where you can post questions and keep updated on the "happenings" within the park.  You can proactively go to the website and read what's been posted on the message board, but the ONLY way to get notified automatically is to subscribe.  You can always unsubscribe later if you wish.  To subscribe, go to "Residents" -> "Message Board" > "My Subscriptions". Click "Select All", then scroll to the bottom and click "Submit".

You will NOT be overrun with unwanted email, but you will get to know more of what's going on in the park.  Folks often post valuable items they have for sale or are giving away (furniture, appliances, decorations, etc.).  If you don't subscribe, you'll miss out.
Don't be a lurker, please participate! 
Facebook - Our Social Media Connection
Emerald Pointe is on social media!  If you are a Facebook user, we encourage you to join the Emerald Pointe Group.  This is a very active, private group for owners, renters and EP Alumni. 

You will be asked 2 administrative questions when you submit your Join request.  You will not be added if these questions are not answered.  When you are accepted into the group, please read the Announcement pinned to the top of the group page, as it explains the guidelines for posting.
If you already have a Facebook account, here's the link to join the Emerald Pointe Group.  After you've joined, you can access the group fast by clicking the Facebook icon at the top of this website's home page.  
Waste Disposal: There are two garbage bins & one recycling bin that are clearly marked. Please sort your garbage accordingly. Recycling rules can be seen below.  The dumpster area is camera monitored and someone will contact you if you are caught disregarding rules. 
  • Recycle bin - No garbage, plastic bags or glass. Cardboard must be broken down. 
  • Please throw your garbage to the back of the bins. 
  • No TVs, electronics or large items allowed in bins.
  • Do NOT leave garbage on ground if bins are full. The garbage drivers will not pick it up and therefore it will be left for someone else to clean up. Please be respectful.
  • Garbage is picked up Monday, Wednesday & Friday during our busy season. 
  • Please refrain from putting tree trimmings, yard waste, etc. in the bins on weekends - as they do not pick up on weekends.
Recycling Do's and Don'ts     It can be really confusing, especially when your home recycling program is different.  Click Here to see the rules of the recycling program here in Pasco County.
The Pool and Spa:  Modern Men's and Women's shower rooms are adjacent to the pool and include clean bathroom facilities.
  • All children under 15 MUST be accompanied by an adult resident.
  • The pool and spa are currently open during daylight hours & until the automatic lights turn off at 10 PM.
  • Both are heated, but very low air temps may make these temps unsustainable and higher air temps will raise water temps.
    • The spa is heated to 104 degrees
    • The swimming pool is heated to 85 degrees
On Site: Emerald Pointe offers "stuff to do" for everyone, including frequent entertainment. Most activities are free to attend and can be found on the monthly event calendar.  When there is a charge for dances or other special entertainment. "In House" tickets can be purchased at the Office or from one of the following ladies.  Click their name for contact info: 
On and Off Site Activities for Renters and Owners to Participate In

Happy Hour: Happy Hour is a social gathering every Tuesday and Thursday (see monthly calendar for times) at the Pavilion next to the pool. Bring a beverage of choice in non-glass container and a snack to share. Enjoy the beautiful pavilion and meet new people.  Happy Hour on Thursdays includes a fun game of corn hole.  Bring $1 for the prize pot.
Game nights: Game nights are a great way to meet your neighbors while enjoying the evening. Don't know how to play some of the games?  Not to worry . . .  come on up to the clubhouse and we'll show you how. We all had to learn, and you'll be welcomed. No sign-up required, just show up! See schedule on monthly calendar.
Other free activities:
Be sure to check the monthly calendar on the home page and bulletin boards for other on-site activities.  There's always something to do, and someone to do it with!  See the "Activities" page under the "Resident" menu topic, for details on all the fun stuff to do here at Emerald Pointe.
Or spend a relaxing afternoon in and around the pool & spa.
Golf:  Ladies (Tuesdays) & Men (Wednesdays). Sign-up sheets are in the library "Golf" notebook.
Also, Tuesday Mixed & Friday mixed "best ball" group golf is available. No sign sheets (different course) but ask any golfer for information to join the fun.
Bowling:  "Just for fun" bowling is held on Thursday mornings (During park's "season") at the Pin Chasers bowling alley in Zephyrhills. No need to have a partner. Check the monthly calendar for dates and details.
Group Bike Rides: The Emerald Pointe Spinners cycle together on many nearby bike trails (non-active currently). Watch for biking information on email or the bulletin boards as they come up (weather & group dependent).
Dinner Theater Outings:  The Emerald Pointe groups plan get togethers throughout the season.
Watch upcoming events for more information.
Suncoast Dinner Theater - Vicki Santini
Plant City Entertainment - Betty Conrad
Early Bird - Jim Harman
Golf cart Etiquette: Golf carts may be operated on the roadways within the park at any time only by persons at least 16 years of age.  The park speed limit for all vehicles is 10 mph and golf carts are to comply with all posted traffic control signs. Lights are required outside of daylight hours. 
Golf carts may also access the dog park and common areas behind the clubhouse during daylight hours. This access is via the right side of the utility shed on Amethyst Drive. 
When in the common area PLEASE respect the privacy of the adjoining properties and also avoid driving on the banks of the ponds or too close to the preserves. (Also, please respect the wildlife by giving them wide berth when they are visiting around the park.)   
Reminder - when entering Emerald Pointe, the driver entering has the right of way.  There is a 3-way stop at the intersection for the drivers across from the entrance and to the right and left of the entrance.  Near misses have occurred already this season and the park is becoming very busy. 
Please pay careful attention at the intersection and be sure to give the car entering the park the right-of-way.  Golf carts and bicycles must also yield to the driver entering the park. 
​Additionally, speeding continues within EP, posing a risk to all residents.  Please remember that the speed limit is 10 mph for all vehicles including golf carts.