Palm Tree Trimming

Stutzman Brothers will be doing Spring Tree Trimming, and additional specialty services, at Emerald Pointe on November 20th thru the 22nd
  • Standard Palm Trimming (trees up to 30’ tall) = $45 per palm  
  • Extra Tall Palm Trimming (trees over 30’) = $75 per palm  

  • Specialty Palm Trimming (Bismarck, Sylvester, Canary), Dead Palm Removals and General Tree Trimming can be estimated on an as needed basis.   

From Stutzmans: "Please note that we will not accept any add-ons after November 13th for tree trimming and no site add-ons will be accepted while the crew is on site 
conducting work". 
Each owner is responsible for having the trees on their lots trimmed as needed to avoid fines.  

Instructions for getting your palm trees trimmed by Stutzmans
If you are in the park: 
  • There are sign-up sheets in a white binder in the library marked "Palm Tree Trimming". You must fill out ALL information completely.    
    • Stutzman Brothers uses these sheets to identify you and the trees you want trimmed. 
    • They will bill you directly from the information on these sheets. 
  • There are marking ribbons in the library.  Take one for each tree you wish to have trimmed and tie it around the trunk.

If you are NOT in the park and need your trees checked: 
  • Contact Glen Beckman (920-836-2517) or Mike Wells (423-534-5162) and provide them with your detailed information.
  • They will check your trees, add your information to the sign-up sheets, and tag your tree(s) if needed.
  • Let them know if your tree borders two lots.

Paying for your tree trimming:
  • No one in the park will be collecting money for tree trimming. 
  • Stutzman Brothers will bill you for their services.
  • Do NOT give money to any workers.