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WIFI, Cable TV, and Phone Service

WIFI is available throughout the Clubhouse.  The Library has tables, comfortable chairs and plug-ins for charging.
Emerald Pointe is very fortunate to have fiber optic lines installed throughout the park.  Internet, Cable TV and Phone Service can be provided to most individual lots by Frontier Communications.  Internet service is offered with speeds up to 200/200 at very reasonable rates. They can be reached at 877-433-3806.
Some lots have underground cabling installed already.  For those that don't, Frontier will run cabling at no charge in a grassy area.  If pavers are "in the path" where the cable is to be installed,  the lot owner will need to temporarily remove pavers from that path.  Frontier will NOT remove or replace pavers.

Insurance for park models, ports, lanais and sheds

American Integrity Insurance Company offers full coverage policies on lots with park models, lanais, ports and sheds. Suzanne Morris of Integrity Insurance Agency in Punta Gorda (941-766-1411) and Kim from Ahrens Insurance Agency in Ocala (352-368-7090) both underwrite for American Integrity Insurance.
Lee Reed Insurance Company in Zephyrhills (813) 782-5502) states "We have one company that will write the RV ports. They will write them as a Tiny house.  If the lanai or Casita has the bathroom, kitchen and extra living space it would be covered per our company. The RV ports would be covered because it has the rooms listed above as well. We can not cover any stand alone single weather tight rooms, stand alone screen rooms, or stand alone sheds. We do not have a market for stand alone weather tight rooms, screen rooms, or sheds."

Electric Service

Emerald Pointe power is provided by Withlacoochee Electric Co-operative (352) 567-5133)

It is up to the individual property owner to establish and maintain an account with Withlacoochee.  Some owners include electric in their rental fees, others pass on the electric fee to the renter.  Check with your landlord to be sure.


Bahr's Propane Gas  (813-782-5013)

Pest Control

Many people at Emerald Pointe use Central Florida Pest Control (352) 585-3236) to take care of ants and other insect pests on their properties year-round. 

Tree Trimming

Stutzman brothers tree service 352-521-3032 (This company services Emerald Pointe park trees.)
Dave Hawkins 863-838-4084 
John Magee (lives here in Emerald Pointe) 813-486-4947  (Trims smaller palm trees and bushes)

Contractors/Handyman Services

Dave Hawkins 863-838-4084 (handyman)
Red Shaw  813-679-2657 (building)
Ryan Shaw 813-714-9560 (building)
Josh Rose 813-714-1270  (building, concrete and small pavers)

Concrete and Pavers

Josh Rose 813-714-1270  (concrete, building and small pavers)
Brazilian Brick Pavers 813-299-9790 (does large paver jobs and has done many in EP park)
Solution Source of Central Florida - Steve Tillack  813-748-1572  (has many satisfied customers at Emerald Pointe)
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